Jimmy Hoyson | Biography
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About Jimmy Hoyson

In 1984, Jimmy Hoyson left Pittsburgh for Los Angeles with little more than his guitar and $100 in his pocket. This serendipitous move would catapult Hoyson through a successful, ongoing career in the music industry employing a meticulous production style in the studio and a roaring passion for music in life.

Today, Hoyson is exactly where he wants to be: discovering and working with exciting new talent as Chief Engineer of Pittsburgh’s “The Vault Recording Studio”. As a nationally-travelling freelance producer and sound engineer, Hoyson stays on the pulse of the industry while working with Pittsburgh-based film production companies on their scores and soundtracks.

His clients continue to be an endless list of renowned and upcoming artists from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Michael Jackson to Lou Reed and B.B. King. In addition, he has extensive experience working on film and television scores, 7th Heaven, Ugly Betty, 8 Simple Rules, The Wedding Singer, Ace Ventura and Walk the Line to name a few.

In 2018, Jimmy became a partner of Penn Film Group, a motion picture company that specializes in the development, production and marketing of feature films. Jimmy is excited to continue working on scores and soundtracks for film as he did in L.A. ­­— but now in the bustling, growing city of Pittsburgh.

44th Annual Grammy Awards (2001)

Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album
Spirit of the Century

Best Musical Album for Children
Elmo and the Orchestra

45th Annual Grammy Awards (2002)

Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album
Higher Ground

46th Annual Grammy Awards (2003)

Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album
Go Tell It on the Mountain

47th Annual Grammy Awards (2004)

Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album
There Will Be a Light

51st Annual Grammy Awards (2008)

Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album
Down in New Orleans


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